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Locating Powerful, Enduring Technology Platforms: Position Paper

Technology companies that develop and maintain powerful platforms possess the potential to deliver consistently high profit margins and strong revenue growth. At the Jacob Internet Fund, we’ve developed what we believe is a proprietary process for discovering such companies. Led by our founder, Ryan Jacob, our team has invested in the technology sector for more than 15 years.

Our recently released position paper, The Power of the Platform: The Jacob Internet Fund’s Approach to Technology Investing, showcases our approach and how it can help identify the technology leaders of the future.

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Value Through Economic Return on Invested Capital

At a time when many fund managers are struggling to identify companies that may provide their shareholders with potentially superior returns, Frank Alexander, Co-Portfolio Manager of both the Jacob Small Cap Growth Fund and Jacob Internet Fund, has developed a proprietary approach to seeking what in his opinion are high quality companies with enduring competitive advantages.

Our webinar, Value Through Economic Return on Invested Capital, showcases Alexander’s distinctive approach and how, by investing long-term in what he believes are stable businesses with the potential for high return, this may assist investors in alleviating risk.

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